The Running Moose Story

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Running Moose Productions - an Independent Production Company - is focused on producing, releasing, distributing, promoting and marketing music and artists. Not just any music. As a small indie company, we understand the need of making a difference. We live and breathe music. You have a story, so let us tell ours.

Presence Records started in 2006 first releasing the reunion album of Finnish prog-rock / fusion-jazz legend Tasavallan Presidentti called "Six Complete". Since then we have been proud to release albums records from talented artists like of Kurkirku, Echosystem, Johanna Iivanainen, Time Traveller, Pax Romana, Ageness, Kataya, Hepa Halme, Pepa Päivinen, Carita Holmström, Aapo Heinonen, Corey & Maple, Jeavestone etc.

Until Spring 2010 Presence Records was owned by
Perfect Sound Oy. In May 2010 Perfect Sound was then re-organised, and Matti Kervinen as one of the owners took Presence Records with him and established Running Moose Productions.

Two Labels and one catalogue

Running Moose Productions owns two Record Labels - Presence Records and Puuma Records. Further it manages Running Moose Distribution Catalogue.

A good co-operation with Perferct Sound continues.

Matti has worked more than 25 years in music business: with bands like
Havana Black, Wigwam, Hanoi Rocks as well as some new raising stars like Johanna Iivanainen and Alamaailman Vasarat. The hard work and experience has created a reputation of trust and honesty. That is why these artists want to work and put their trust on Running Moose Productions: Its the rocky road working all the way from crass root to highlights.

We understand that road and what it takes to get there.
We believe that the difference in this business is not the empty words, but our experience and a way we are helping and supporting the artists we'd like to call ours.

If you want to join the pack,
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