Corey and Maple

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Corey & Maple is a two-man band, a production team and a studio project of two friends who´ve been playing together in various rock bands since the early nineties. The music they make is driven by the force of endless search for the perfect song - with no boundaries, rules, or restrictions. They use all the tools, instruments and guest musicians necessary to catch the spirit of their songs.

Corey & Maple´s debut album "Dialogue" (released 2002) was based on samples and electronics, and originally was meant to be entirely programmed, but quickly took a turn towards more analog approach with real live instruments. Dialogue is a mixture of funky rhythms, electronically treated vocals and cinematic textures. Underneath, you can hear echoes of some of their musical influences throughout the years.

The second album "Home In The Universe" (release 31.1.2007) broadens their musical horizon even more. This time, after a quite long song-writing period, the recording sessions were intense and full of impulsive creativeness, resulting in a fresh, down-to-earth style production. The album got its final direction during august 2006 sessions when C&M spent time mostly jamming, chopping and re-arranging songs. There are a lot of "hats-offs" to the great bands and artists who the guys grew up listening to. The electronics give place to live instruments and the sounds sometimes go blatantly 70´s. Rock, prog, jazz and spacey soundscapes shake hands on this album, taking you to a small trip in space and time.


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Corey and Maple: Home In The Universe (2007)

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